I believe that choosing old over new is another way in which we can help to protect our planet. By cherishing yesterday's everyday as today's treasure, we can reduce the number of new things being created in our world and remove ourselves from the daily onslaught of trends and the desire to throw away and replace. When we bring something old into our home, it becomes a friend, another member of the family and we want to keep it with us forever. 

I keep sustainability at the forefront of my mind in everything that I do. All of the packaging materials I use to prepare your pieces for shipping (with the exception of sellotape until I find an alternative) are from sustainable sources and are fully recyclable or biodegradable. As are the personal notes that I write with each piece, where I share the story of the item as far as I know it. 

I mainly source from antique markets that are pretty close to my home to reduce the amount of driving and buy as much as I can on each trip. One area I am constantly researching is shipping and how I can choose suppliers and services which are as environmentally friendly as possible. There are limited options available in this area at the moment, sadly, but I hope that this will change in the near future.